102 products
102 products

Kumiki Desktop Puzzle

This hearty wooden knot is the grandfather of all interlocking mechanical puzzles.
Leaf Thermometer__product

Leaf Thermometer

As the leaves change with the season, so does this novel thermometer.
Duck and Bunny__product

Duck & Bunny Shaker Set

The classic ambiguous illusion adapted into three dimensions and made functional.
Flyte Light__product


A naked bulb shines brightly as it mysteriously spins through the air.
15 Minute Timer__product

15 Minute Timer

A finely crafted glass sand timer that encourages mindful activity.
Music Box__product

Music Box

Made from solid indigenous woods which are turned into perfect spheres by a master craftsman.
Geometric Tray__product

Geometric Wooden Tray

This wooden tray was handcrafted by folding a sheet of walnut-like origami. The geometric des...
50 Year Calendar__product

50 Year Calendar

This antiquarian device can calculate the day of the week for any date within 50 years.

Yosegi Coasters

Each coaster is shaved from an intricate assembly of carefully glued sticks with no inks or d...
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