73 products
73 products

Magical Origami Cloth

An astonishing microfiber cloth that seems to inexplicably fold itself into a bird.
Ace Bottle Opener__product

Ace Bottle Opener

This stainless steel playing cards snaps off caps with a flourish.

DKNG Enamel Pins

Limited edition collector's item.
From $10

Lessmore Bowls

Porcelain optical illusion bowls that seem to magically change size before your eyes.
Wonder Dad Card__product

"Wonder Dad" Card

Letterpress printed and designed by Jessica Hishe.
Sold out

Wishing Coin

This limited-edition token has been authorized by the International Wish Certification Board.
Yosegi Handkerchief__product

Yosegi Utility Cloths

This velvety soft wool handkerchief is both decorative and practical. The striking discharge-...

Double Kumiki Display Puzzle

This challenging 12-piece "burr" style puzzle looks great on display.
From $55

Impossible Keychain

A leather puzzle inspired by a traditional design.

Tetraxis Kinetic Sculpture

Mid-century design and mathematics intertwine to create these decorative bronze starbursts.
From $24
Dot Animation Card__product

Dot Animation Greeting Cards

Watch as pictures and words come to life as you remove this greeting card from its case.

Deck in a Bottle

A genuine deck of playing cards trapped inside a glass bottle. Break it open to check.
Letterpress Postcard

Letterpress Postcard

Limited edition, blank on verso.

Kumiki Desktop Puzzle

This hearty wooden knot is the grandfather of all interlocking mechanical puzzles.