Foldable Basket

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This foldable tin basket is designed to be molded into different shapes.

Size: Oval: Large
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Foldable Basket

This foldable tin basket is designed to be molded into different shapes. The geometric pattern arrives flat to be displayed as a centerpiece or utilized as a trivet for hot dishes. However, it can be shaped into a basket at any moment. Simply pull the tin structure upwards and with very little effort, the form can be changed into a variety of shapes. The basket can be used for fruits, pastries, accessories, and more.

The pattern of the medium basket was inspired by the shape of a Dahlia flower. The larger basket was inspired by a traditional Buddhist symbol. Both are made from tin that is washable and food safe. Besides being very practical, the Foldable Basket is a beautiful object of design. Handcrafted in the Toyama prefecture of Japan.


Large: 13.25 x 8.25 Inches. Medium: 8.5 Inches.

  • Metal


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