82 products
82 products
Gandhi Metal Book__product

Gandhi Metal Bookmark

A magical optical illusion that also helps to save your page.
Martin Luther King Jr Bookmark__product

MLK Metal Bookmark

A magical optical illusion that also helps to save your page.
The Wonder of Nature__product

Wonder of Nature Card Set

20 lessons for a more fulfilled and serene life.
Collaboration Cards__product

Collaboration Cards

52 exercises to foster diplomacy, empathy and effective communication within teams.
Motivation Cards__product

Motivation Cards

52 exercises to increase effectiveness, decisiveness and objective thinking.
Inspiration Cards__product

Inspiration Cards

52 exercises to stimulate creativity, playfulness and innovative thinking.
Everyday Adventures__product

Everyday Adventures

Re-Discover Wonder and Excitement.

What Adults Don't Know About Architecture

A guide designed to help children, and their favorite adults, better understand buildings.
Big Ideas For Curious Minds__product

Big Ideas For Curious Minds

An Introduction to Philosophy for Curious Young Minds.
What Do I Really Want To Achieve__product

What Do I Really Want To Achieve?

A tool to focus your life's goals and priorities.
How to Become Wiser__product

How To Become Wiser

A set of twenty cards exploring what it really means to be wise, and how we can strive to bec...
Meeting Friends__product

Meeting Friends

52 cards with questions and exercises for deeper and more meaningful conversations with friends.
Amazing Origami Boxes__product

Amazing Origami Boxes

Origami master Tomoko Fuse presents 20 original designs for origami boxes — some simple, othe...
Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models__product

Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models

Step–by–step instructions to cut and fold mini versions of Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic works.
The Maze__product

The Maze

This beautifully illustrated book will delight lovers of mazes.