70 products
70 products
Ace of Spades Bookmark__product

Ace of Spades Bookmark

A brass playing card to inspire wonder while saving your page.
Magic Flying Butterfly__product

Magic Flying Butterfly

Enjoy a surprise and set hearts aflutter with these Magic Butterflies that really fly.
Mathematics, Magic and Mystery__product

Mathematics, Magic and Mystery

This classic treatise by Martin Gardner is a must-have for any fan of math or magic.
Ultimate Book of Card Games__product

Ultimate Book of Card Games

A comprehensive guide to over 350 games with playing cards.
This Book is a Camera__product

This Book is a Camera

Kelli Anderson presents a fun and ingenious way to learn about the principles of photography.
Poemotion Books__product

Poemotion Book Series

Static images spring to life in this innovative and hallucinogenic series of animated design ...
The Moscow Puzzles__product

The Moscow Puzzles

The best and most popular puzzle book ever published in the Soviet Union.
Perplexing Puzzles Book__product

Perplexing Puzzles & Tantalizing Teasers

A bonanza of 93 stimulating brain teasers curated by puzzle icon Martin Gardner.

Antique Bookmark

This clever design features all four suits in a deck of cards and also functions as a clip.


This may be the most innovative and stylish pop-up book we've ever seen. Explore the alphabet...