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57 products
Complete Book of Origami__product
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The Complete Book of Origami

The seminal work by Robert J. Lang includes step-by-step directions and more ...

Entertaining Science Experiments

Martin Gardner presents a splendid collection of activities for a rainy afternoon.
Gallop Book__product


The original Scanimation book created by Rufus Butler Seder comes to life when you turn the p...
Shoulder Bag__product
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Book Bag

Spacious interior features a smaller zippered pocket.
Art Play Book__product

Art Play Activity Book

Marion Deuchars includes a wide range of fun and games for the whole family.
Pierre The Maze Detective__product

Pierre the Maze Detective: Stone

Pierre the Maze Detective has a new case. Mr X has stolen the Maze Stone, which has the power...
Earth and Moon 360 Book__product

Earth and Moon 360° Book

A whimsical and clever design created by Japanese artist Yusuke Oono.
Hoake's Island __product

Hoake's Island Puzzle Adventure

Henry Hoakes has gone missing and Hoakes Island Amusement Park is in grave danger. This noteb...
Kusudama Origami Book__product

Kusudama Origami

Instructions for over 40 modular origami figures.
The Anchor Puzzle Book__product

The Anchor Puzzle Book

The amazing stories of 53 new puzzles made of stone.
Patterns of the Universe Book__product
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Patterns of the Universe

Contemplate the abstract beauty of the cosmos with this ingenious coloring and activity book ...
Modular Origami Book__product

Fabulous Modular Origami

Tomoko Fuse's full-color guide to creating masterpieces of the paper folding art.