Fabulous Modular Origami

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Tomoko Fuse's full-color guide to creating masterpieces of the paper folding art.

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Fabulous Modular Origami

From the queen of modular origami comes this collection of extraordinary models for folders of all skill levels. Tomoko Fuse's full-color guide shows how to join separately folded modules to create masterpieces of paper-folding art. The 20 projects range from the simplest, consisting only of two parts, to the most demanding, some of which feature 30 modules.

Illustrated directions accompany each of the figures, which are graded according to difficulty. The selections begin with easier models — including a square coaster, ninja star, and crown — and advance to slightly more complex projects — a flower with a stand, pleated and curled decorations, a crane, cubes, and a morning glory. The most sophisticated challenges include a pumpkin, a mosaic podium, a three-part triangular model, and the tetrahedron-and-octahedron combination called The Barber. Paper folders personal choices and combinations of colors will add individual flair to this stunning variety of models.


Tomoko Fuse


Dover Publications




10.75 x 8 Inches

  • Paperback

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