Tangram, Vol. 3

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Explore cycles, repetition, and mastery with a global cast of celebrated makers and thinkers.


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Tangram, Vol. 3

Tangram celebrates awe-inspiring expression across all creative disciplines. Volume 3 is focused on the exploration of "cycles, repetition, and mastery" and features a global cast of celebrated makers and thinkers. Four different commemorative covers (randomly distributed) showcase the intricate cybernetic drawings of toy inventor, artist and Holocaust survivor Ivan Moscovich. Inside, you'll discover the evocative mathematical photographs of Jessica Wynne, the poetic discourse between artist Enrique Enriquez and author/naturalist David G. Haskell, the mesmerizing digital techniques of cutting-edge technologist Amanda Ghassaei, and more.

The physical journal itself is designed to express a philosophy of play as art. Within the pages, a curious reader can find tactile, visual, and intellectual excitement. Plus, a series of clues that may lead to the discovery of a hidden treasure…


Art of Play


11.5 x 9 Inches (143 Pages)

  • Paperback

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