Confounding conundrums from around the world.


Puzzle Difficulty: Beginner
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Puzzle Difficulty: Beginner
Tetrahedrane Puzzle
Tetrahedrane Puzzle Sale price$100.00
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Square Yosegi Puzzle Box
Square Yosegi Puzzle Box Sale priceFrom $42.00
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Small Yosegi Puzzle BoxSmall Yosegi Puzzle Box
Small Yosegi Puzzle Box Sale priceFrom $30.00
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Mini Yosegi Puzzle Box
Mini Yosegi Puzzle Box Sale price$28.00
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Morphits MonkeyMorphits Monkey
Morphits Monkey Sale price$48.00
Koro Puzzle Box
Koro Puzzle Box Sale price$400.00
Ulla von Brandenburg PuzzleUlla von Brandenburg Puzzle
DIY Combination LockDIY Combination Lock
DIY Combination Lock Sale price$24.00
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Mousetrap String PuzzleMousetrap String Puzzle
Mousetrap String Puzzle Sale price$20.00
Wooden Jigsaw SculpturesWooden Jigsaw Sculptures
Wooden Jigsaw Sculptures Sale price$40.00
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Coffee Stash BoxCoffee Stash Box
Coffee Stash Box Sale price$475.00
Philosopher's BoxPhilosopher's Box
Philosopher's Box Sale price$185.00
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Mini Metal Puzzle CollectionMini Metal Puzzle Collection
Mejo Jigsaw PuzzlesMejo Jigsaw Puzzles
Mejo Jigsaw Puzzles Sale price$70.00
Sakura Mochi Puzzle Box
Sakura Mochi Puzzle Box Sale price$225.00
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Mini Cube Snake
Mini Cube Snake Sale price$8.00
Yosegi Magic Box
Yosegi Magic Box Sale price$25.00
Yosegi Coin Box
Yosegi Coin Box Sale price$20.00
Vintage Wildflowers PuzzleVintage Wildflowers Puzzle
Vintage National Parks Map PuzzleVintage National Parks Map Puzzle
Vintage Arboretum PuzzleVintage Arboretum Puzzle
Vintage Arboretum Puzzle Sale price$22.00
Whale Puzzle Box
Whale Puzzle Box Sale price$245.00
Vintage Audubon Birds puzzleVintage Audubon Birds puzzle
Bonus Chocolate
Bonus Chocolate Sale price$12.00
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Lazy Wolf Puzzle Box
Lazy Wolf Puzzle Box Sale price$365.00
Barn Owl Puzzle
Barn Owl Puzzle Sale price$350.00
Moose Puzzle
Moose Puzzle Sale price$280.00
Squirrel Puzzle
Squirrel Puzzle Sale price$180.00
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Grizzly Bear Puzzle
Grizzly Bear Puzzle Sale price$185.00
Pocket Maze
Pocket Maze Sale price$70.00
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Moon and Bear Puzzle BoxMoon and Bear Puzzle Box
Moon and Bear Puzzle Box Sale price$325.00
Save $6.00
DIY Coin Bank Puzzle BoxDIY Coin Bank Puzzle Box
DIY Coin Bank Puzzle Box Sale price$22.00 Regular price$28.00
DIY Gift Puzzle BoxDIY Gift Puzzle Box
DIY Gift Puzzle Box Sale price$28.00
DIY Treasure Chest Puzzle BoxDIY Treasure Chest Puzzle Box
Iron Heart Tavern Puzzle
Iron Heart Tavern Puzzle Sale price$30.00
Old Shackles Tavern Puzzle
Box Pocket PuzzleBox Pocket Puzzle
Box Pocket Puzzle Sale price$14.00