CMY Color Cube

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Rotating this translucent, geometric wonder creates new combinations of orange, green and purple.


CMY Color Cube

See the world in a different light with the CMY Color Cube. Each side of the translucent cube is colored with cyan, magenta or yellow film. Twisting and turning the geometry creates new combinations revealing orange, green and purple. Hold the cube before a candle or dip it into a sunbeam to bathe the room in a shifting spectrum of light. An elegant physics toy disguised as a stylish desktop totem, the CMY Color Cube inspires experimentation as well as creativity. One of our favorite new additions to the shop.

Created by Japanese artist Keiichi Miyazaki. Handmade in Japan.


Keiichi Miyazaki


1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 Inches

  • Plastic


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