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This delightful series of booklets explains dozens of clever magic tricks that don't require sleight of hand.

Volume: Bewildering Impuzzibilities
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This delightful series of booklets explains dozens of clever magic tricks that don't require sleight of hand. You'll learn to predict a random decision in advance, divine secret thoughts, and an astounding variety of other intimate miracles. The best part of these collected Impuzzibilities is that the methods used to accomplish them are often just as fascinating as the effects they create.

All of the material in this series was written and created by Jim Steinmeyer, a living legend in the field of illusion design. He's worked with Doug Henning, Siegfried and Roy, David Copperfield, Ricky Jay, consulted for countless Broadway productions, and even leant his conjuring expertise to Disney as an imagineer. Though he is best known for his theatrical work, these smaller scale Impuzzibilities feature the same innovative thinking and mastery of deceptive techniques that have helped Mr. Steinmeyer to become one of the most respected figures in modern magic as a serious performance art.


Jim Steinmeyer


Jim Steinmeyer

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