The New Modern Coin Magic

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This classic book on sleight of hand is considered the "bible" of coin magic.

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The New Modern Coin Magic

This classic book on sleight of hand is considered the "bible" of coin magic. First published in 1952, magician J.B. Bobo explains everything from the iconic trick of plucking a coin from behind someone's ear to more advanced effects like vanishing a marked coin and causing it to travel invisibly to the center of a ball of yarn that is sealed inside a locked nest of boxes...

Though there have been many advances in the field in the past 70 years, "Bobo," as it is known in the magic fraternity, still presents the best explanation of the foundational techniques required to make magic with coins. A great book for beginners and those who are interested in exploring sleight of hand beyond playing cards.


J.B. Bobo


Magic, Inc



  • Hardcover

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