The Expert at the Card Table, Pocket Edition

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A miniature version of the most influential book on sleight of hand ever written.

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The Expert at the Card Table, Pocket Edition

Shrouded in mystery and controversy, this book is considered the gateway to the highest levels of sleight of hand with cards. S.W. Erdnase was not the real name of whoever wrote this text in 1902 and though the author's identity is still unknown, we can be certain he was a dedicated technician and a fine writer. 

The first section of the book explains how to cheat at cards or as Edrnase puts it, "Card Table Artifice." A wide variety of mechanics are explained, from false shuffling, to bottom dealing, mucking, and even three-card monte. 

The second section is dedicated to magic tricks or sleight of hand as entertainment. The presentations are fanciful and the techniques are difficult. Many of these tricks are still performed by professional magicians to this day, over 100 years after the information was first committed to print. 

As Martin Gardner famously proclaimed, The Expert at the Card Table is the most "carefully studied book ever published on the art of manipulating cards at gaming tables." 


S.W. Erdnase


Conjuring Arts Research Center




4.25 x 2.75 Inches

  • Paperback

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