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A brilliant reinvention of the classic marble track that combines dazzling beauty with dizzying fun.

Color: Black/White
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This irresistible kinetic artwork combines dazzling beauty with dizzying fun. In the simplest terms, Marbolous is a brilliant reinvention of the classic marble track. But really, this exquisitely engineered machine is a treasure on display. Press the lever, and behold—the whole room is suddenly spun into a joyful state of play. 

Uncompromising German engineers have cleverly infused their sleek, minimalist aesthetic with a mischievous wink of hidden fun. With the press of a button, Mabrolous launches an endless parade of marbles through the spiraling metal track under the glass dome. It takes each marble approximately 15 seconds to roll to the bottom, a looping and swooping journey that proves hypnotic from any viewing angle.

Marvelous is a wonderful mechanical gift for marble enthusiasts, lovers of fine art, designers, and anyone delighted by the elegance of physics. It is an interactive 360 design object with near-universal appeal. We love it.


10.5 x 6.25 Inches

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Wood


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