Undial Sundial

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A minimalist sundial that combines science with high-design.

Type: Type 25
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Undial Sundial

The Undial is an oblique free-standing sundial. Sunlight passes through a cylindrical lens, and the shadow cast onto the table displays the current time of day. Undial is an unassuming object which serves to visualize the passage of time throughout the day. The combination of science and high-design results in a kind of solar powered magic. Designer Atsuhiro Hayashi decided to name this elegant object Undial because it performs the function of a sundial without the dial.

Please select the Undial variation that corresponds to your geographic location as each model is calibrated to a specific range of latitude to achieve the most accurate results. Undial does not indicate the exact time. Thank you for your understanding.

Type 25: Japan (Okinawa), Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Etc.
Type 45: Japan (Hokkaido), France, Ukraine, North America, Etc.
Type 55: UK, Germany, South Russia, South Canada, Etc.




5.75 x 4.25 x 1.5 Inches

  • Metal
  • Glass


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