Heart Beater

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A hand cranked bell with a sense of humor.

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Heart Beater

The Heart Beater is an alarming little machine that demands the attention of the ones you love. Essentially, it's a hand-cranked bell. A beautifully crafted, hand-cranked bell that's infused with a sense of poetic irony.

Martin Smith is one of our favorite makers of kinetic objects. His creations combine mechanical elegance with a sense of humor. Smith's Applause Machine has been a favored item in our collection for years and we're very happy to offer Heart Beater because it's a great introductory piece for those unfamiliar with his work.

Standing about six and a half inches high, this kinetic sculpture is crafted from brass and steel. Crank the handle and a bright bell sounds each time the striker hits the heart. Think of it as an amorous analog alarm. Only time may tell what it will signify in your household...

Each Heart Beater is numbered and manufactured by Martin Smith Studios in the UK.


Martin Smith




6.5 inches tall

  • Metal
  • Electronics

United Kingdom

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