Chochin Lantern Kit

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Learn the art of Japanese lantern making with this unique kit.

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Chochin Lantern Kit

Gain insight into the Japanese art of lantern making with this clever DIY construction kit.Chochin is a Japanese collapsible lantern traditionally made of washi paper wrapped around a framework of bamboo rings.

POJ Studio has collaborated with Kyo-Chochin Minori, a 6th generation family business specializing in the making of Kyoto-style Chochin lanterns. Kyoto-style lanterns have a frame made of bamboo formed into loops that are equally distributed horizontally. When Kyo-Chochin Minori was established, lanterns were still used for lighting, and chochin shops were the equivalent of modern-day electronic stores. Today, there are only two lantern businesses left in Kyoto.

This clever kit combines traditional materials like wood, washi paper, and yarn with modern elements like cardboard and an LED light. A beautiful way to keep a time-honored tradition alive. Made in Japan.


POJ Studio


10 x 4 Inches

  • Paper
  • Wood


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