Rainbow Maker

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All you need to create a rainbow is a little sun with the Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker. It attaches easily to your window and creates an explosion of rainbow patterns when the sun hits it!

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Rainbow Maker

This little solar-powered machine turns sunshine into rainbows. Attach the Rainbow Maker to a window with the suction cup and when the sun shines through, it activates a solar-powered motor that starts the hanging crystal spinning. The sunlight passes through the facets of the crystal and swirling rainbow patterns fill the room.

We find ourselves looking forward to "rainbow hour" each day, the moment when the sun moves across the sky into the position that sets off a multi-colored disco explosion, which means our workday is officially over. The Rainbow Maker may need to be repositioned as the seasons change because like real rainbows, this machine needs direct sunlight to function. A magical addition to any window and a great gift for anyone who enjoys physics or nature.

No batteries required.


David Dear




5.5 x 2 x 1.5 Inches

  • Electronics
  • Plastic

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