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Place to Be

Gently defy gravity with this mesmerizing tabletop mobile.

Coffee Engine

The spinning brass flywheel is powered by the heat from any mug of hot liquid.
Swinging Sticks__product

Swinging Sticks Desk Sculpture

A sophisticated double pendulum design featured in movies and TV shows.

Galaxy Fire Glass Marble

A collection of handcrafted vortex spheres from award-winning artist Scott Pernicka.
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Sail Away

Bring balance to any space with this hypnotizing kinetic sculpture.
Impossible Bolt__product

Impossible Bolt

A hefty brass sculpture that seems to defy explanation.
Tipsy Bottle Opener__product

Tipsy Bottle Opener

A whimsical bar accessory that doubles as a decorative kinetic toy.
50 Year Calendar__product

50 Year Calendar

This antiquarian device can calculate the day of the week for any date within 50 years.


An evocative and handsome gift for an explorer of any age.

Graphite Quill

This quill never runs dry, it simply disappears.

Misfold Kinetic Sculpture

A collapsible structure inspired by folding techniques found in nature.
Desk Magnifier__product

Desk Magnifier

A decorative portal into a world of lilliputian wonders.