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Yosegi Coaster Set

Each coaster is shaved from an intricate assembly of carefully glued sticks with no inks or d...

Place to Be

Gently defy gravity with this mesmerizing tabletop mobile.

Galaxy Fire Glass Marble

A collection of handcrafted vortex spheres from award-winning artist Scott Pernicka.
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Wonder Emporium Poster__product

Wonder Emporium Poster

Behold the spectacular Wonder Emporium of our dreams. This intricate museum-quality print was...

Coffee Engine

The spinning brass flywheel is powered by the heat from any mug of hot liquid.
Swinging Sticks__product

Swinging Sticks Desk Sculpture

A sophisticated double pendulum design featured in movies and TV shows.


An evocative and handsome gift for an explorer of any age.
Desk Magnifier__product

Desk Magnifier

A decorative portal into a world of lilliputian wonders.
Impossible Bolt__product

Impossible Bolt

A hefty brass sculpture that seems to defy explanation.
Kellar Trivet __product

Kellar Trivet

A functional optical illusion that will melt your mind without burning your counters.
Flip Vase__product

Flip Vase

This smart design creates the sense of life growing from art.