¿Cuantos Puros?

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Marvel in astonishment as hand-sculpted cigars appear and vanish from this magical ceramic ashtray.

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¿Cuantos Puros?

For the first time, an elusive technique of the ancient magi has been wrought in stone. Somewhere between sculpture and illusion lies ¿Cuantos Puros?—a ceramic ballet of vanishing and reappearing cigars. The endlessly fascinating principle of geometric redistribution has taken many forms throughout the ages, but never before has this baffling effect been built into an object of such elegant beauty and simple utility. The ceramic tray may be used to collect ash, of course, but it also holds the power to ignite imagination. Where do the cigars go when they disappear? How do they return from thin air? This magical artifact exudes a miasma of mystery.

Sculpted from fine ceramic and sumptuously packaged in the USA. Each edition is signed and numbered by designer Adam Rubin. Due to pandemic disruptions only 88 ¿Cuantos Puros? have been produced rather than 250 as planned. This item is quite rare—box #1 recently sold at auction for over one thousand dollars. A treasure for the true collector of exquisite curiosities.


Adam Rubin


Art of Play


11 x 12 Inches

  • Porcelain

United States

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