Celestial Bell

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A traditional Buddhist instrument believed to purify mind and body through sound.

Style: Mercury
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Celestial Bell

These throughly modern bells are inspired by Buddhist tradition and the planets of the solar system. Believed to purify mind and body through sound, the calming chime of the bell is precisely tuned using metal working techniques that have been passed down by Japanese craftsman for generations.

The decorative bowl of the Venus model is copper-plated and hangs from a golden brass stand. Saturn has a palladium-plated bowl and an inky-colored brass stand. Both include acrylic-tipped brass strikers to sound the bell.

Imbued with artisanal mastery and ancient wisdom, the Planet Bell is a wonderful way to add a meditative sonic dimension to your home or workspace.


Kogei Standard


6 x 2.5 Inches

  • Metal
  • Brass


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