Bo Door Chime

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Enrich your home with soothing tones and elegant aesthetics.

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Bo Door Chime

This door chime is reminiscent of a traditional Japanese "hibashi furin" wind chime. The four aluminum bars sway to make beautiful clear sounds that resonate throughout the home. Appropriately, the name "Bo" means to "live" or "reside" in Danish.

The magnetic base can be attached to any ferrous metal with ease, but the chime also includes mounting hardware to accommodate any surface you like. If placed outdoors, the BO Door Chime creates a pleasing ring when it catches a breeze, or if attached to a door, provides a gentle sonic cue whenever someone enters or exits.

Whether through touch or movement, each interaction with the BO Door Chime enriches your life with soothing tones and elegant aesthetics. Designed by Mikiya Kobayashi and manufactured in Osaka, Japan.




6.25 x 2 x 1 Inches

  • Metal

Osaka, Japan

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