Martin Gardner

Martin Gardner was responsible for introducing math to the world in a whole new way by turning something intimidating and unapproachable to many into fun and games or—even better—magic. It is said that by doing so, “he brought more mathematics to more millions than anyone else."

Martin Gardner’s Collection

Entertaining Science Experiments__product

Entertaining Science Experiments

Martin Gardner presents a splendid collection of activities for a rainy afternoon.
Mathematics, Magic and Mystery__product
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Mathematics, Magic and Mystery

This classic treatise by Martin Gardner is a must-have for any fan of math or magic.
Perplexing Puzzles Book__product

Perplexing Puzzles & Tantalizing Teasers

A bonanza of 93 stimulating brain teasers curated by puzzle icon Martin Gardner.
The Moscow Puzzles__product

The Moscow Puzzles

The best and most popular puzzle book ever published in the Soviet Union.

Artist's Favourites

Duck and Bunny__product

Duck & Bunny Shaker Set

The classic ambiguous illusion adapted into three dimensions and made functional.


A 21st century kinetic toy with a unique mathematical shape.