Wobble Chess

Sale price$250.00

This kinetic update to the ancient game features quivering figures.

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Wobble Chess

A lively update to an ancient game, Wobble Chess makes a perfect showpiece for the living room. The concave landscape stabilizes freely quivering figures, creating a lively interaction between the chessboard and its pieces. The weighted playing pieces bob and weave but stay perfectly in place thanks to the clever design of the board. Watching a game in progress we're reminded of a battlefield—tall grass blowing in the wind. This beautiful award-winning chess set is made of polished maple and walnut and detailed with accents of chrome for a modern aesthetic.

Wobble Chess
Wobble Chess Sale price$250.00

Adin Mumm




16 x 16 x 3 Inches (Board). 3 Inches Tall (Pieces)

  • Wood
  • Metal
Number of Players


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