Sudoku With Some Balls

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This visual reinterpretation of Sudoku uses colored wooden balls instead of numbers and comes with a carrying case that is perfect for travel.

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Sudoku With Some Balls

The beloved game of Sudoku has never been so colorful or fun to play. The traditional two-dimensional, black and white numbers have been replaced with a vibrant spectrum of three-dimensional wooden balls. The 81 balls come in nine different colors, and the included game book provides over 100 setups with varying levels of difficulty.

Compared with pencil and paper Sudoku, this version is much easier to play with friends. Vibrant colored  balls are much easier to track from a distance, so you can recruit help from onlookers if you get stuck. The board, balls and book all store away conveniently inside the box which makes this novel game set a perfect companion for long trips. Created by our friends at Brass Monkey in England.


Brass Monkey


7.8 x 2.8 Inches

  • Paperboard
  • Wood
Number of Pieces

81 Painted Balls

Number of Players


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