Snakes of Wrath

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A Tile-laying Strategy Game.

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Snakes of Wrath

Snakes of Wrath is an abstract tile-laying game with a simple ruleset and a wealth of strategy. Two players battle for dominance as a tangled tabletop ouroboros grows. Be the first player to reach 13 points and win. Snakes of Wrath is highly replayable with varied tactics and unique paths to victory to discover based on your ever-changing hand of tiles.

Games last around 15-20 minutes, as players compete to build, heal, stab, and steal their way to the top. Lay your tiles strategically, incapacitate your opponent, and close all ends of your snakes to emerge victorious. Two-sided tiles mean the tides can change at any moment with a sinister steal or a well-laid trap.

Includes: 90 Tiles, 2 Wooden Privacy Racks, Custom Canvas Snake Sack, Rules of Play.


Young Jerks


Weast Coast Inc.


13.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 Inches

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