RS3 Foosball Table

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The RS3 Foosball table is made for play where durability and design go hand in hand to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Color: White (In stock)
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RS3 Foosball Table

The RS3 is a spectacular reinterpretation of one of our game cultural classics. It’s a metal Foosball table manufactured with high-quality materials and flashy colors to add to the fun.

Its design fits into any environment and its steel structure makes it a very resistant, stable, and long-lasting piece.

To play to the highest level and enjoy it for all your life. The RS3 is an indoor and outdoor Foosball table, so you can have it both in the dining room or in the game room, as well as on the terrace or in the garden.

Each color (white, black, red, blue, green and yellow) comes with standard team kits. 

The RS3 is an RS Barcelona Foosball table, a brand of intense living products. Products which, with a high design value, high-quality materials, and functionality, offer innovative solutions through a combination of the fine details of craftsmanship and the precision of industrial manufacturing.

RS Barcelona’s products are much more than products. They’re experiences. They’re unforgettable and unique moments. They’re a way of understanding and approaching life that can be summed up in one pledge: intense living.



RS Barcelona®


59.5 x 51 x 36 Inches

Number of Players




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