Flying Whale

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Flying Whale is a kinetic sculpture created by artist Sang-yong Lee.

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Flying Whale

The soaring humpback is crafted from red pine, walnut, brass, and leather. Balanced delicately on its center of gravity, the whale can be set in motion with the slightest touch. It gently bobs and sways as if swimming through the sky. Precise weight distribution allows the sculpture to rotate and sway in circles without ever falling from its perch.

The South Korean artist says, "Through [this work], I projected feelings such as anxiety and longing, created when I was separated from my parents as a child, and through Nahnda Gorae ["Flying Whale"], I tried to represent the utopia that the present self yearns for".

Handmade in South Korea. A limited quantity is available.




15 x 11 x 11 Inches

  • Wood

South Korea

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