Your Gift Buying Guide for the Gaming Enthusiast in Your Life

Your Gift Buying Guide for the Gaming Enthusiast in Your Life

With the arrival of the holiday season comes the time to start looking for gifts for the people you care about the most. For most of the people on your list, dreaming up gifts and shopping is a breeze – a delight even. For the gaming enthusiasts in your life, however, you may struggle to find the perfect things that support their hobbies and interests. To breeze through the gift selection process, you can utilize this gift buying guide to find the best items for the gaming enthusiasts you hold dear.

Solo Fun for All Ages

If you have gifts to give to those who love solo fun for all ages, consider wooden blocks, puzzles and fidget toys. These items allow for endless play alone while traveling around town or simply sitting at home.

Wooden Blocks

Basic wooden blocks can help promote creative thinking at any age. For a traditional gift that will last and last, consider Blocks in a Box. If you want a fun twist on this simple design, choose Balancing Blocks or FaceMaker instead.


Puzzles can rival video games in terms of fun and excitement. Regularly solving the puzzles helps promote the same logical thought patterns and problem-solving skills that video games do. Furthermore, your gift recipients can play their puzzles at home or on the go. The puzzles range from simple metal wire brainteasers to complex puzzle boxes without a clear way inside. To make a great impression, put the B-Lock, Brass Jack, Wooden T and Kumiki puzzles on your holiday shopping list.

Fidget Toys

Fidget toys allow for the release of nervous energy and help ease the senses in overwhelming situations. Of the fidget toys available today, the Snake Blocks, Ball of Whacks and Handcrafted Kaleidoscope are the most popular options.

Group Pastimes

For gaming enthusiasts who love to play games with a group, there are unique playing cards, spinning tops and board games of all kinds.

Playing Cards

The playing cards come in exclusive and limited edition styles that can only be acquired with the right timing. You have dozens of playing card designers and lines to choose from when selecting a gift for your loved one. The 8 Bit playing cards from Bicycle, for example, looks great while on a shelf and in play.

Spinning Tops

You really cannot go wrong with any of the spinning tops available in our shop. From classic designs to innovative flip trick tops, there are so many different types of spinning tops on the market today – and they are all a blast to use. The Mystery Top, for example, comes in one of ten varieties and you never know what you are going to get before you open that box.

Board Games

From Glass Edition Scrabble to Bananagrams, the sky is the limit in the types of board games you can buy as gifts. A combination of board games, new and old, can reignite the passions of the gaming enthusiast in your life. Think about Hopscotch, Travel Dice and Pick Up Sticks as your gifts of choice this holiday season. Also, consider the Bookshelf Board Game Collection for everything from Life to Monopoly.

Finding the Best Gifts for This Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here, so it is time to start reflecting on the hobbies and interests of your loved ones. By taking a close look at these areas, you are sure to find inspiration for gifts to give the gaming enthusiast in your life. To start dreaming up ideas on what to buy, browse our catalog and look at the puzzles, games, playing cards and more available today.

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