5 Games You Can Play with Your Spinning Tops

5 Games You Can Play with Your Spinning Tops

Although tops have a mesmerizing appeal just spinning along, you can maximize your enjoyment of this fun toy with exciting gameplay. You can play the spinning top games solo - or with your friends to share your passion for these awesome toys. As you send your tops spinning onto the playing field, you will need to overcome the challenges to score the most points. Whether you have classic spinning tops or chroma spindle spinning tops, the five following games will keep you busy and having fun for years to come.

Go Bowling

The game of bowling receives a unique spin when a top replaces the ball. You can use anything imaginable as pins, including markers, though using precision cut dowels allows you to create a professional-looking spinning top bowling set. The challenges presented by the game change considerable as you try to work out how to send a spinning top straight down the lane. Hitting all the pins in a shot or two will have you working on your launch technique in an effort to perfect your shots. As you master the control of your spinning tops, you can score big points and wow your friends.

Hit the Target

Much like curling, the 'Hit the Target' game for spinning tops encourages you to learn how to anticipate how long your top will spin and where it will fall. With this game, the goal is to launch your top and have it stop spinning while within a circle drawn on the ground. The cl oser you land to the center of the painted target, the more points you will receive. You can easily draw your targets on the ground temporarily with sidewalk chalk or a fabric pen. Establish a launch point that is set back from the target circle to give everyone a fair play.

Do Flip Tricks

The centrifugal force generated by spinning tops makes them excellent candidates for flip trick competitions. You can acquire purpose-built spinning flip tops for this purpose or simply work with what you have. Experiment with your spin and flip techniques to create amazing tricks and perfect basic ones. If you want to go head to head against your friends, take turns judging the battles using a fun scoring system. You can also play a variation of 'Simon Says' by having one person do a series of tricks and seeing if the next can copy them trick for trick.

Start a Battle

Many different spinning tops can hold their own in battles against other tops. You can battle to see whose top can withstand the most hits and stays spinning the longest. Consider adding a timer to the battles to encourage competitors to maximize the effectiveness of their launch and spin techniques. If competitors want an even bigger challenge, they can launch two to three spinning tops at a time for an all-out brawl.

Take the Spin Challenge

The spin challenge takes a gentler approach to the battle concept. With this game, you simply launch your spinning tops at the same time and see which one spins the longest. You can hold spin challenges against your friends or see if you can perfectly launch two tops at the same time. Adjustments to the twirl and release techniques will need to occur as you and your friends attempt for the longest spin times. Utilize a spinning top tray to eliminate the impact of imperfections on your playing surface and simply test the power of your tops.

Start Ramping Up the Excitement with Spinning Tops

You can start ramping up the excitement with spinning tops by trying out these five awesome games. Introduce the games to your friends and family to get everyone interested in playing with and learning about your spinning tops. When they all start expressing a need to buy spinning tops, send them over to Art of Play to find their perfect models. Our spinning tops are perfect for solo and competitive gameplay - and just spinning free across the floor.

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