5 Easy Card Tricks You Can Do Today

5 Easy Card Tricks You Can do Today

Looking to make a quick impression? Win a bet among friends? Trying to liven up game night? You don’t need to be a master to know a few good card tricks, that’s why we’ve made a list of five easy tricks you can do immediately after reading. Just grab your favorite pack of playing cards and prepare to amaze.

Amazing Aces

Amazing Aces

The spectator takes a pack of cards and deals them into four piles. When the dealing process is finished, one ace is found on top of each pile.

Explanation: Before the trick begins, secretly remove the four aces and place them on the bottom of the deck. Offer the deck to your spectator and ask them to deal the cards into four piles one card at a time. While it isn't important if your volunteer deals a few cards consecutively in the same pile, it is important that the last four cards (the aces) are dealt singularly onto each of the piles. A helpful idea to accomplish this is to say “really think about where you deal each card,” as you volunteer comes closer to the bottom of the deck. If you’re not comfortable with this, simply instruct your spectator to deal the cards one at a time into four piles. When the dealing sequence is complete ask them turn turn over the top card of each pile to reveal that they’ve found the four aces!

A Coincidence Card Trick

A Coincidence

The magician removes two predictions from the pack and sets them on the table. A volunteer is invited to deal through the deck face down until they’re satisfied. At this point either prediction is selected and placed face up on the dealt cards. The balance of the deck is placed on top. The procedure is then repeated. After the second prediction has been lost, the magician spreads the cards and locates the two face-up predictions. After taking the single cards immediately above the predictions, it is revealed that the spectator has placed each prediction next to their mates in the deck!

Explanation: As you look through the deck to find your two “predictions,” note the top and bottom card of the pack. Let’s say in this example that the top card is the Eight of Hearts, and the bottom is the Five of Spades. In this situation your predictions should be the mates of these two cards (Eight of Diamonds and the Five of Clubs). Place the predictions face up on the table and invite a spectator to deal through the deck face down until they are satisfied. When they stop dealing, invite them to place either prediction face-up on the dealt cards and drop the balance of the deck on top of the prediction. Repeat this process for the second prediction. After this is complete, ribbon spread the deck revealing where the spectator has chosen to place the two predictions, then take the card immediately above both face-up cards. You’re now ready to reveal that the spectator has placed the cards you selected next to their mates.

A Gambling Demonstration in the form of a Card Trick

A Gambling Demonstration

Explain to your audience how card cheats can utilize the cards that are dealt to give them an advantage in the next hand. You deal five hands of five-card poker. After showing that no one has any particularly extraordinary hand, the cards are gathered and dealt again. After revealing the hands of the second round, you show that you’ve dealt yourself a Royal Flush.

Explanation: Begin by secretly removing the Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of any particular suit. Discreetly place these cards on top of the deck. Begin dealing the cards clockwise, the first card off the top of the deck going to the spectator on your left. After the hands have been shown, gather up each five-card hand, one on top of the other, and place the packet on top of the deck. Repeat the dealing procedure. After each spectator shows their new hand, you can reveal that you’ve beat them all with a Royal Flush.

Pick a Card, Any Card

Pick a Card, Any Card

A classic of card magic. The magician offers the cards to a spectator and asks for a selection to be made. After noting their card, the spectator is invited to return the card to the deck. The magician then goes through the pack and is able to easily divine the identity of the selection.

Explanation: Before the trick begins, separate the cards into red and black halves. When the spectator selects his card, note whether or not his selection comes from the red or black portion of the deck. If they’ve selected a red card, when the spectator places their card back in the deck, make sure they return their card to the black half. The opposite applies if the selection is a black card. It’s now easy to figure out what the selection is; simply go through the pack and find the card in the wrong group.

Blind Three Card Monte

Blind Three Card Monte

The Queen of Hearts and two black Aces are removed from the deck and placed face-up in front of the spectator. The magician then turns his/her back and invites the spectator to think of any of the three cards, flip them face down and mix them up. After looking at each card, the magician is able to tell exactly which of the three cards the spectator is thinking of.

Explanation: Lay the cards face-up as follows: Ace of Spades, Queen of Hearts, Ace of Clubs. Turn your back and invite the spectator to think of any of the three cards, and then switch the positions of the two cards that they’re not thinking of (i.e. if the Ace of Spades is the mental selection, then the spectator switches the positions of the Queen and the Ace of Clubs). Instruct your volunteer to turn all three cards face down. When this is complete turn around and look at the three face down cards. At this point you instruct the spectator to mix all three cards on the table. What you must do is follow the card in the center. When the spectator is finished shuffling look at the card you’ve followed. If the card you’re looking at is the Queen of Hearts, their mental selection was the Queen. If you are looking at the Ace of Spades, then their mental selection is the Ace of Clubs. Should you be looking at the Ace of Clubs, their mental selection is the Ace of Spades. Reveal their thoughts, and they’ll be guessing for days.

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