This Book is a Planetarium

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A brilliantly inventive work by designer extraordinaire Kelli Anderson.


This Book is a Planetarium

In this unique interactive book, each turn of the page reveals a different, lo-fi-but-fully-functional paper gadget. You'll find a constellation-projecting planetarium, a strummable musical instrument, a geometric drawing generator, a perpetual calendar, a message encryptor/decoder, and a speaker that amplifies sound.

By reducing familiar devices down to just paper, this book shows that a lot can be done with very little. Because each pop-up contraption actually works (despite exhibiting no apparent technology), the book offers the reader a more intimate understanding of structures and functions that hide in plain sight in our digital world.

In addition to her brilliantly inventive use of paper-engineering, designer, Kelli Anderson, concisely explains how a material as humble as paper can come alive thanks to a little magic from universal scientific phenomena like sound, time and light.


Kelli Anderson


Chronicle Books


12 x 9.75 Inches (12 Pages)

  • Hardcover


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