35 products
35 products


A perfectly balanced coin-size spinner that seemingly levitates on the surface of your desktop.
Spintop Royal__product

Spintop Royal

This finely engineered pull-style top is made of luxurious materials.
Kyoto Spinning Arrow Top__product

Kyoto Spinning Arrow Top

A playful twist on a traditional Japanese spinning top.
Kyoto Spinning Kendama Top__product

Kyoto Kendama Top

A twirling combination of two traditional Japanese toys.

Long Distance Runner Top

This striking brass and blackwood top spins so fast it seems to be standing perfectly still.
Small Aluminum Top__product

Miniature Aluminum Top

The stepped design feels both modern and classic.
Spinning Ober__product

Spinning Ober

A true work of art, carved by a master craftsman with over forty years of experience turning ...

Bone Top

This ivory-colored teetotum is carved from the bone of a buffalo. The luxurious spinning top ...
Ebobrass Spinning Top__product

Ebobrass Spinning Top

This refined yet whimsical top feels like a totem from the world of Alice in Wonderland.
Duplex Spinning Top__product

Duplex Spinning Top

This two-color carving is a twirling testament to the magic of masterful craftsmanship.
Ebony Pull String Top__product

Spitzkegel Spinning Top

An ancient amusement updated for modern times with old-fashioned craftsmanship and timeless d...
Tungsten Spinning Top__product

Tungsten Spinning Top

A shockingly heavy little space-age top designed for hypnotically long spins.
Kyoto Spinning Top__product

Kyoto Spinning Top Set

This style of fortune-telling top was first introduced almost 1,500 years ago.
Mini Brass Top__product

Solid Brass Mini Spinner

A gorgeous little gyro turned from solid brass and adorned with decorative details.

Arena Spinning Top Tray

A walnut and ash arena for spinning, battling and displaying your tops.