Deck Discovery, Part 4

Deck Discovery, Part 4

In our fourth Deck Discovery followers voted for foiled tuck box (68%), minimal card backs (58%), colored Ace of Spades (76%) and modern court cards (63%) through an Instagram Stories poll hosted by our friends at @kardify. They then painstakingly scoured our extensive catalog of playing cards to find a deck that meets the criteria.

Congratulations to @mzcards for correctly picking Third Man Records Playing Cards from the poll. For another chance to win a deck from Art of Play, stay tuned for the next Deck Discovery. Visit @kardify on Instagram for more details.

Third Man Records Playing Cards - Box

The second edition Third Man Records Playing Cards, is the perfect follow up to the series created in collaboration with Art of Play. Third Man Records (TMR), for those who aren't familiar with the name or logo, is an independent record label founded by Jack White in Detroit, Michigan, in 2001. You've probably heard Jack's White Stripes hit song, Seven Nation Army in various TV commercials, events or video production without knowing.

The fully custom deck is designed by the Third Man Creative Hive and sports a striking yellow, black and white colorway, with the iconic TMR logo prominently featured throughout.

Third Man Records Playing Cards

The tuck case of the TMR deck is truly unique, printed black-on-black tuck. Featuring embossing and black foil accents, one would think that this will be drab. However, the creative way all the design elements come together is brilliant! Making the tuck look like a record, in particular, is genius.

The tuck also showcases the TMR logo on the front and back in striking yellow. To top things off, the tuck interior has been printed with a repeating pattern of the TMR logo. This strong presentation is a great representation of the TMR brand, and what it stands for.

Third Man Records Playing Cards - Tuck Box

The all black background cards themselves are just as unique as the tuck box that houses them. The faces have a contemporary style with traditional design elements integrated, just enough to be noticed and recognizable but not too distracting. The modern court cards utilize a standard mirror layout, but with traditional details added to the wardrobe, presented in yellow giving them a consistent look.

The Ace of Spades features a vinyl record, a symbol of the golden ages of music with a yellow-outlined spade in the center. The Jokers depict a single lightning bolt, one in yellow and the other in white. Finally, the back design features a minimal casino-style design showcasing the TMR logo, which maintains aesthetics and strongly reinforce the branding of the deck.

Printed by the United States Playing Card Co. on D&D's trademark thin-stock, the cards have a nice snappy feel to them and handles incredibly well. If you are a fan of TMR, this deck should be a no-brainer. As a collector, the fully custom TMR deck is very well produced and the modern minimalist design will add variety to your collection.

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