15 products
15 products
Panisa Chess Set__product

Panisa Chess Set

This chess set features minimalist turned-wood chess pieces that evoke modern sculptures. Sub...
Cavnas Travel Game Bag__product

Canvas Travel Game Bag

The Original Double-Sided Travel Game-bag Set Printed & Made in the USA • Designed in NYC
Mini Travel Game Bag__product

Mini Travel Game Bag

Mini Travel Pouch featuring Tic-Tac-Toe & Checkers.
Quilt Blanket Board Game__product

Quilt Blanket Board Games

These Quilted Blanket Board Games are jumbo, cozy versions of classic board games. What a gre...
Skyline Chess__product

Skyline Chess Set

Inspired by Iconic Buildings.
Arena Concrete Chess Set__product

Arena Chess

Arena is an architectural interpretation of chess made entirely from concrete.
Luxury Travel Chess Set__product

Luxury Travel Chess Set

Rawstudio’s unique chess set is deceptively simple in its finished beauty. Each set includes ...
Chess in Art Book__product

Chess in Art

A vibrant collection of paintings by more than 700 artists across 800 years.

Handmade Wooden Checkers

Deluxe game set crafted from walnut and maple wood.
Bauhaus Chess Set__product

Bauhaus Chess Set

Designed by Josef Hartwig in 1923.
From $250
May Ray Chess Set__product

Man Ray Chess Set

Re-edition of the iconic 1920's design featured in the MoMA permanent collection.
From $240