Stone Pyramid Puzzle

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The most sophisticated and beautiful version of our favorite puzzle is exclusive to Art of Play.

Color: Serpentine Green
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Stone Pyramid Puzzle

The most sophisticated and beautiful version of our favorite puzzle is exclusive to Art of Play. Though the pyramid only has two pieces, it is surprisingly difficult to assemble correctly! After struggling to find the solution for a few minutes, the "Aha!" moment of discovery is incredibly satisfying. 

There are two qualities that make our version of the classic puzzle different from all the others. First, it is crafted from Green Serpentine, a semi-precious gemstone found in the Andean mountain region of Peru. Second, the two triangular wedges are specially notched so that they can be stacked for display when not in use. The stacked formation is clean and attractive but won't spoil the solution to forming the pyramid.

The Stone Pyramid Puzzle is a unique treasure for any puzzle collector. As a sculptural object, it makes a handsome and intriguing addition to any room. Leave it on your coffee table to start a conversation or place it on your desk as a reminder that simple solutions are often hiding in plain sight.

Due to natural variations in the stone, no two pyramids will be exactly alike. The Mixed Mini edition can be any combination of five different colors, sent at random.


D.A.R. Proyectos, Art of Play


Large: 5 Inches
Mini: 2.5 Inches

  • Stone
  • Intermediate
Number of Pieces


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