Burr Puzzles

A classic genre of interlocking puzzles that is named for its resemblance to a burred seed pod.


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Matchbox PuzzlesMatchbox Puzzles
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Double Kumiki Display Puzzle
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Jack PuzzleJack Puzzle
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Kumiki Desktop PuzzleKumiki Desktop Puzzle
Kumiki Desktop Puzzle Sale price$55.00
Venn PuzzleVenn Puzzle
Venn Puzzle Sale price$98.00
Tycho PuzzleTycho Puzzle
Tycho Puzzle Sale price$125.00
Charles Perry Ball PuzzleCharles Perry Ball Puzzle
Charles Perry Ball Puzzle Sale price$200.00
Tetra PuzzleTetra Puzzle
Tetra Puzzle Sale price$98.00
Hyperboloid BurrHyperboloid Burr
Hyperboloid Burr Sale price$115.00
The Gob StopperThe Gob Stopper
The Gob Stopper Sale price$195.00
Belopo BurrBelopo Burr
Belopo Burr Sale price$110.00
Micro Burr PuzzlesMicro Burr Puzzles
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Mini Brass Monkey
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Six HookersSix Hookers
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Boo Burr
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Brass MonkeyBrass Monkey
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Hippo Sale price$200.00
Joy of HexJoy of Hex
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