Periscopes Puzzle

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This extremely difficult wooden puzzle is named for the shape of the pieces which are hidden within the cube.

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Periscopes Puzzle

This extremely difficult wooden puzzle is named for the shape of the pieces which are hidden within the cube. Each of the eight components has a thinner "periscope" extending from its base. If you look carefully at the exterior of the cube, you will notice a few small gaps, these negative spaces greatly increase the difficulty of deducing the solution by trial and error. Two less difficult challenges are included with the puzzle to help you warm up to assembling the cube.

A variety of different woods provide a warm natural palette or red, brown and cream colors that help this puzzle stand out on any shelf. The texture of the pieces is welcoming and smooth, having been sanded and polished by expert craftsman and designer Václav Obšivač, a highly prolific puzzle maker. We are proud to work directly with his company Vinco and you can find more of his designs here.


Vinco Puzzles


2.5 x 2.5 Inches

  • Wood
  • Grand Master
Number of Pieces


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