Arena Chess

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Arena is an architectural interpretation of chess made entirely from concrete.

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Arena Chess

Arena is an architectural interpretation of the age-old game of chess. The board was inspired by Roman amphitheaters where spectators would gather to watch the clash of the gladiators. The chessmen are defined by brutalist armor, each feature representing their position in the army. The entire set is made from concrete.

What is particularly fascinating about the Arena (apart from the battle of the two opposing armies) is the play of shadows that unveils itself across the stands and the armors of the chessmen. It is most intriguing to strategically place the board near a window where the light changes throughout the day. Like any great work of architecture, shadow and light can dramatically change the experience of the Arena.


Material Mmmaterial Studio


12 x 12 x 1.5 Inches


  • Concrete

Number of Players




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