Below is a detailed overview of what's included in the Holiday Stocking:

  1. Stocking: Custom holiday stocking embroidered with our logo.
  2. Training Wheels: A miniature version of our popular DKNG Playing Cards
  3. Ace Bottle Open: Open bottles with a flourish using this stainless steel playing card.
  4. Matchbox Puzzle: Tiny puzzle inside a matchbox! You will get one of the fifteen unique puzzles available.
  5. Micro Cubebot: Small wooden toy robot inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles. You will get one of the eight color options.
  6. Mystery Top: Small wooden top handmade in Japan. You will get one of the ten versions available.
  7. Piperoid Pipe Robots: Transform simple paper pipes into various rich and joyful characters. Get one of the twenty-three unique designs available.
  8. Brass Collectors Pin: Small brass pin featuring the Art of Play logo.
  9. Limited Edition Sticker: Small sticker made especially for this Stocking!
  10. Candy Cane: Classic peppermint Candy Cane from Bobs Candies.