116 products
116 products
Origami Accordion__product
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Origami Accordion

A playable instrument made of paper.

Chroma Spindle Spinning Top

One of our favorite spinning tops in the whole collection.
Mini Kaleidoscope__product

Mini Kaleidoscope

This kaleidoscope is small enough to fit in your pocket and ready to change your perspective ...
Da Vinci Drawmaton__product

Da Vinci's Drawmaton

A hand-powered drawing-kit inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th century “Robot Knight."
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UFO Spinning Top

Multicolored rings and exceptional balance give this wooden spinning top an otherworldly qual...

Copper Teleidoscope

An optical instrument that provides a fantastically fractalized vision of the world.
Mini Brass Top__product

Solid Brass Mini Spinner

A gorgeous little gyro turned from solid brass and adorned with decorative details.
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Tree & Mushroom Tops

A little woodland scene that hides two spinning surprises.
Tungsten Spinning Top__product

Tungsten Spinning Top

A shockingly heavy little space-age top designed for hypnotically long spins.
Kyoto Spinning Top__product

Kyoto Spinning Top Set

This style of fortune-telling top was first introduced almost 1,500 years ago.

Spinning Flip Top

This unusual top performs an acrobatic 180-degree flip mid-spin!