Wood Oloid

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A jewel of mathematics discovered by Swiss inventor Paul Schatz in 1929.

Style: Small Pear
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Wood Oloid

This endearing geometric sculpture fits so snugly in your palm, it seems to caress your hand. Roll it down the table and the Oloid appears to wobble back and forth, yet it moves in a perfectly straight line. Look very carefully and you'll see that every single point on the surface of the shape comes into contact with the table as it rolls.

Discovered by Swiss inventor Paul Schatz in 1929, the Oloid is the wondrous result of two linked perpendicular circles. The unusual properties of the shape have been celebrated by artists, studied by mathematicians and utilized by engineers to create propulsion systems, laboratory equipment and more. Each Handheld Oloid is individually crafted from natural materials and exhibits unique shades and patterns.


Paul Schatz




Small: 3 x 2 Inches. Medium: 4.75 x 3.25 Inches.

  • Wood


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