116 products
116 products

Thunderbolt Spinning Top

A handsome and unusual top for the dexterous sophisticate.

Three-Tone Yoyo

A limited edition yoyo in a lovely combination of different colored woods.

Pop-up Animal

Created from a sheet of leatherette backed with foil-paper.

Strobe Spinner

The rings will seem to spin in different directions on phone video or under LED lights.
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Flying Family Automata__product

Flying Finkle Family Automata Kit

Turn the crank and watch the family take flight.

Handmade Zoetrope

Rediscover the magic of animation with this vintage spinning optical toy.
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Explore your creativity and discover thousands of unique faces to be made with these 25 woode...
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Drunken Ball

This ball rolls in surprising ways, swerving and swirling as if it had too much to drink.
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Strandbeest Kit

This sculptural assembly kit allows you to build a new form of life from humble plastic tubes.
Diver Kinetic Toy__product

Diver Kinetic Toy Kit

Build a kicking scuba diver with this brilliant flat-pack sculpture kit.
Wooden Building Bricks__product

Wooden Building Bricks

Your favorite childhood building blocks are now available in an ecologically friendly version.
From $22

Samson the Strongman

Pull the handle of this miniature mechanical figure and watch it come to life.
Funny Faces Origami__product

Funny Faces Origami

An award-winning paper-folding puzzle game from Japan.