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121 products
Spinning Top Tray__product
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Spinning Top Tray

This small surface is perfect for both play and display of your spinning tops.


A wooden toy robot inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles.
American Bird Calls Set__product

American Bird Calls Set

A collection of sonic wonder that's perfect for any nature lover.
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3D Paper Animals

A model kit that recreates various animals using paper that feels like their skin and fur.
Junk Air Automata__product

Junk Airship Automata Kit

Turn the crank and watch this jury rigged junk ship flap through the air.
Parrot Automata__product

Parrot Automata Kit

Turn the crank and watch this vibrant parrot squawks and flaps through a tropical forest.

Classic Spinning Top

Perhaps the oldest toy known to man.
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Handmade Slingshot

The wool projectiles included ensure that when you hit your mark, you won't leave a bruise.
Dymaxion Folding Globe__product

Dymaxion Folding Globe

Inspired by the work of famed architect Buckminster Fuller.
House of Cards__product

House of Cards

Designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 1950s. ...
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Sycamore Stones__product

Sycamore Stones

Develop focus, balance and mindfulness inspired by the ancient ritual of stone stacking.
Origami Accordion__product
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Origami Accordion

A playable instrument made of paper.