Speks Magnet Balls

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A magnetic stress ball, desk toy and geometric building set all in one.

Style: Spectrum


Speks Magnet Balls

Made from rare earth, neodymium magnets, Speks magnetic balls are like magnetic putty, a stress ball, desk toy and adult building blocks all in one. Mash them around for an oddly satisfying tactile experience or build a sculpture to unleash your creativity.

The polarity of the magnets and the spherical shape of the pieces allows for many pleasing geometrical forms. The balls seem to snap into place, packing together to form pyramids, hexagons, and cubes.

Since Speks are only 2.5mm in diameter rather than 5mm balls from other magnet sets, they meet all global safety standards and are safe with proper use by anyone over the age of 14. However, Speks must be kept away from all children and should never be put near the nose or mouth.

Available in silver or rainbow-colored spectrum.






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