257 products
257 products
Titan Brass Puzzle__product

Titan Puzzle

A simple-looking, yet highly challenging take-apart puzzle.​
Grand Master
Covered Chimney Puzzle Box__product

Covered Chimney

Solve this puzzle to lift the lid on the chimney for Santa.
Pelikan Pedals Puzzle__product


Yet another wonderful 3D packing puzzle from Alexander Magyarics.
Pelikan Belopo Puzzle__product

Belopo Burr

This stunning burr made from Zebrano and Wenge is another design by Alfons Eyckmans.
Pelikan Hummingbird Puzzle__product

Hummingbird Puzzle

A stunning three-layer take-apart puzzle containing four identical-looking branched pieces th...
Loki Lock Puzzle__product

Loki Puzzle Lock

A solid-metal sequential discovery challenge full of twists, tricks and surprises.
Grand Master
The Art of Puzzle Boxes Book__product

Enter if you Can, Puzzle Lock Edition

Professor Peter Hajek has written the definitive modern treatise on puzzle boxes.
Deception Puzzle Box__product

Deception Puzzle Box

A sleek, modern update of the classic Himitsu-Bako design.
Antiq Puzzle__product

Antiq Hedgehog Puzzle

A legendary enigma machined from a single slab of brass.
Joy of Hex Puzzle__product

Joy of Hex

The ultimate prize for any burr puzzle aficionado.
The Gob Stopper__product

The Gob Stopper

A hefty little brass burr puzzle that's fun for everyone.
Cluebox 3__product

Cluebox 3: Nautilus

Discover the secret of Captain Nemo's Nautilus in the newest Cluebox.
From $45
Palace Puzzle__product

Palace Puzzle

Palace is a challenging packing puzzle with a pleasing solution. The goal is to arrange the d...