Antiq Hedgehog Puzzle

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A brass puzzle masterpiece machined from a single slab of brass. Elegant, captivating, and enduring.

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Antiq Hedgehog Puzzle

This Antiq model of the classic Czech escape puzzle is machined from a single slab of brass. The goal is to remove the spiked ball or "hedgehog" by maneuvering it through the largest archway in the cage. The appearance, sound and hand feel of this puzzle are all world-class.

Packaged in a burgundy leather bag, along with a mysterious map, the Antiq Hedgehog includes a hidden puzzle hunt that leads to a secret message. This fine brass puzzle is built to last and will eventually acquire a beautiful patina.


Radek Micopulos


Rademic Puzzles


2 x 1.75 Inches

  • Metal
  • Brass
  • Intermediate

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