Get Trunk

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Don't let the cute elephant figures fool you, this puzzle packs a wallop.

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Get Trunk

This adorable puzzle is designed to be hung on your wall. But don't let the cute elephant figures fool you, Get Trunk packs a wallop. There are three specific challenges required to complete this puzzle.

The six pieces are made from different types of wood; Oak, Cherry, Acacia, Wenge, Padauk and Zebrano—the two striped Zebrano pieces are the key components. The first task is to fit four of the elephants into the frame with one of the striped pieces. The second challenge is to fit four of the elephants in with the other striped piece, which is a slightly different shape. The final challenge is to assemble a five elephant parade inside the frame with both of the striped Zebrano pieces included. That means, in the end, one of the other elephants will have to be left out. We recommend placing them within view of the completed puzzle once you hang it on the wall. They'll be proud to see your pachydermatic accomplishment on display.


Alexander Magyarics


Pelikan Puzzles


7.75 x .75 Inches

  • Wood
  • Master

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