2-Step Trick Drawer Puzzle Box

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A cunning dual-compartment trick box by Hiroshi Iwahara merges elegant design with psychological intrigue.

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2-Step Trick Drawer Puzzle Box

This diabolical trick box relies on subtle psychology rather than difficult technique. A rich walnut exterior inlaid with a bright camphor stripe hides a maple drawer inside. It doesn't take too much experimentation to slide the box open and find the prize stashed within. But what makes this puzzle brilliant is that the initial discovery of a hidden drawer is only a distraction! Beyond the first compartment lies a second, substantially bigger compartment that contains whatever contents you wish to hide securely. Accessing the second drawer is considerably more difficult and most people will give up looking after their initial success. Designer Hiroshi Iwahara is clearly a keen observer of human behavior. Our resident magicians recommend adding some padding so an accidental rattle doesn't provide a clue to the existence of the inner sanctum.


Hiroshi Iwahara


Karakuri Creation Group


4.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 Inches

  • Wood
  • Intermediate

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