Patchwork Amoeba Puzzle

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One of the most challenging jigsaw puzzles in our shop, even at only 70 pieces.

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Patchwork Amoeba Puzzle

The Patchwork Amoeba puzzle is one of the most challenging jigsaw puzzles in our shop. There are only 70 birchwood pieces but their amoeba-like shapes make them extremely difficult to orient correctly. Plus, each piece is cut independently, resulting in a patchwork effect. Since the wood grain is not continuous across the puzzle, it can't be used as a hint to help assembly. However, when you do find the proper positioning, the intricate teeth of the pieces almost seem to zipper together. A very satisfying puzzle for jigsaw fans seeking a modern challenge.

Created by generative design studio Nervous Systems using math, science and lasers in the Catskills Mountains, USA.


Nervous System


7 x 7 Inches

  • Wood
  • Master
Number of Pieces


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