Confounding conundrums from around the world.


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Hollow Skewb UltimateHollow Skewb Ultimate
Hollow Skewb Ultimate Sale price$18.00 Regular price$25.00
Ghost CubeGhost Cube
Ghost Cube Sale price$30.00
Pyraminx Sale price$25.00
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Pyraminx DiamondPyraminx Diamond
Pyraminx Diamond Sale price$18.00 Regular price$25.00
Cyclone Pocket PuzzleCyclone Pocket Puzzle
Cyclone Pocket Puzzle Sale price$14.00
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Ito PuzzleIto Puzzle
Ito Puzzle Sale price$32.00
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Novel PuzzleNovel Puzzle
Novel Puzzle Sale price$70.00
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Epic PuzzleEpic Puzzle
Epic Puzzle Sale price$70.00
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DIY Combination LockDIY Combination Lock
DIY Combination Lock Sale price$18.00 Regular price$24.00
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Moon Infinity PuzzleMoon Infinity Puzzle
Moon Infinity Puzzle Sale price$60.00
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Magic SquareMagic Square
Magic Square Sale price$20.00
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Our Common GoalOur Common Goal
Our Common Goal Sale price$25.00
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Mousetrap String PuzzleMousetrap String Puzzle
Mousetrap String Puzzle Sale price$20.00
Rubberwood Soma CubeRubberwood Soma Cube
Rubberwood Soma Cube Sale price$20.00
Wooden Jigsaw SculpturesWooden Jigsaw Sculptures
Wooden Jigsaw Sculptures Sale price$40.00
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Titan Puzzle
Titan Puzzle Sale price$175.00
Charles Perry Ball PuzzleCharles Perry Ball Puzzle
Charles Perry Ball Puzzle Sale price$200.00
Covered Chimney
Covered Chimney Sale price$250.00
Philosopher's BoxPhilosopher's Box
Philosopher's Box Sale price$185.00
Pedals Sale price$70.00
Belopo BurrBelopo Burr
Belopo Burr Sale price$110.00
Hummingbird PuzzleHummingbird Puzzle
Hummingbird Puzzle Sale price$90.00
Loki Puzzle Lock
Loki Puzzle Lock Sale price$220.00
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Intrism MiniIntrism Mini
Intrism Mini Sale price$65.00
Mini Metal Puzzle CollectionMini Metal Puzzle Collection
Nutcase Pocket PuzzleNutcase Pocket Puzzle
Nutcase Pocket Puzzle Sale price$14.00
Deception Puzzle Box
Deception Puzzle Box Sale price$185.00
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Alchemist Puzzle BoxAlchemist Puzzle Box
Alchemist Puzzle Box Sale price$585.00
Antiq Hedgehog PuzzleAntiq Hedgehog Puzzle
Antiq Hedgehog Puzzle Sale price$250.00
Joy of HexJoy of Hex
Joy of Hex Sale price$525.00
The Gob StopperThe Gob Stopper
The Gob Stopper Sale price$195.00
Cluebox 3: NautilusCluebox 3: Nautilus
Cluebox 3: Nautilus Sale priceFrom $45.00
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Trinity PuzzleTrinity Puzzle
Trinity Puzzle Sale price$225.00
Palace PuzzlePalace Puzzle
Palace Puzzle Sale price$65.00
All Tetra Pod PuzzleAll Tetra Pod Puzzle
All Tetra Pod Puzzle Sale price$95.00
Playboy 2 PuzzlePlayboy 2 Puzzle
Playboy 2 Puzzle Sale price$95.00
Colliding Galaxies PuzzleColliding Galaxies Puzzle
Colliding Galaxies Puzzle Sale price$75.00